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Since 2003 ACR Security has provided professional security services to the general public. As a small family business we can ensure that our dedicated team of employees are all committed to providing our clients with quality service and professional integrity. We are specialists in accredited Guard and Dog Patrols that are the best in the industry, as well as a vast range of other expert services including Event Security, Static Guards, Personal Escorts, Alarm Response Vehicles and Cash in Transit. We are able to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of professional security standards with a proven ability track record. Our excellent customer service standards have given us an outstanding reputation within our nation-wide clientele and throughout the entire security and protective services industries.

Our client base currently includes small businesses, shopping centres, mall-complexes, music festivals, construction sites, schools, local government agencies and private individuals.  Our extensive industry experience gives ACR one of the most diverse and comprehensive expert understandings of all facets within the security industry available in QLD. We are passionate about building satisfactory long-term relationships with all our clients whether you are employing our services for a month, a year, a decade or even just a night.

As part of ACR’s comprehensive integrity policy, we ensure that all of our security licenses are constantly being updated with all the latest educational, training and legal requirements as well as offering complete Liability and Work Cover Insurance.
All ACR vehicles are fitted with GPS navigational tracking that enable us to provide clients with up-to-date information about where our patrols are and at what specific time.
Information on our services are always available for clients to access at anytime on our 24-hour phone number.


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Looking for Security Excellence?

Call 0407 474 234 RIGHT NOW
and talk with our friendly ACR team!

ACR Security


Looking for Security Excellence?

Call 0407 474 234 RIGHT NOW
and talk with our friendly ACR team!

ACR Security is Dedicated


ACR Security Guards Brisbane are dedicated to providing you with security services of the highest-possible quality to ensure your absolute peace-of-mind.


Navigational Tracking

It is important to us that our clients feel we care about their property, we are proactive in ensuring the client is getting what they pay for. That is why our cars are fitted with GPS Tracking which means we can provide information to any client on request so you can see when our patrols arrived, at what time and by whom.

All Secure

ACR Security holds all current Licences as well as Liability and Work Cover Insurance and is capable of providing all facets of the Security to our client

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